Traditional Thai Massage.
Traditional Thai Massage uses pressure point muscle stretching and compression, delivered by rhythmic movement of gentle rocking to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness and tiredness.

60 minutes £40                                      90 minutes £55
120 minutes £70


Traditional Thai Oil Massage.

Traditional oil massage entails a gentle and relaxing massage by using warm scented oils to help regain your spiritual and emotional balance, and to promote
good blood circulation throughout your whole body.


60 minutes £40                                     90 minutes £55
120 minutes £70

Thai body massage using heated
herbal compress.

A combination of deep tissue massage and stretching techniques using heated Thai herbal compresses to relieve general muscular aches and pains, as well as relieving tension. This also helps to stimulate and improve the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and circulation.

60 minutes £45                                    90 minutes £59


Thai hot stone massage.
Hot stone massage is a form of massage that uses volcanic rock such as basalt and basinite. Smooth heated stones promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy within the body, mind and soul.

60 minutes £45                                    90 minutes £59

Thai foot massage.

Thai foot massage is a gentle relaxing foot and leg massage using special oils and balms, followed by pressure point massaging using hands, fingers and a
rounded wooden stick to improve blood circulation and revive your tired feet and legs.

30 minutes £20                                  60 minutes £39

Facial massage.

A deluxe facial includes cleansing exfoliation, toning and a revitalising mask, along with a relaxing Thai neck, shoulder and facial massage.