We encourage clients to book on line. We do not operate a reception service as such but are available for assistance on SMS most hours of the day. We do not want to subject our clients to ringing phones in the Salon when they seek our Salons as a place for peace and holistic relaxation. We also get hundreds of calls a day which we deal with through automated SMS message so it wouldn’t be best practise.

Our success has been to bring authentic professional and qualified therapy to the UK.  Our reputation as a professional therapy company is paramount to us. We are delighted that families come to us, Men Women, Mothers, Brothers & Sisters. See our reviews. Its a mixed bunch of valued customers who want to share their experience.

We currently book and reserve your appointment entirely on trust. That system suits us and is in accordance with our ethos. We accept that plans can go astray and if you give us reasonable time to replace your appointment we are happy to cancel. Why wouldn’t we? Full Cancellation conditions can be read on our web site. All we seek to avoid is our having therapist sat doing nothing simply because someone cancels at the last minute when we could have had genuine customers booked in had the diary not been blocked. So we operate a very strict cancellation regime.

Its always best to talk to your therapist before treatment about any problem / painful areas that cause you concern. You should also give feed back during the therapy if the massage is too light or hard. The therapist should always ask you periodically to ensure your fully comfortable. If later, in the unlikely event your unhappy, please text the booking number and explain your concern and we will always address the issue in a polite and helpful way.

Deep pressure on the muscles can be sore at the time but its a natural process and you will soon get used to it. Trust us your body will feel so much better after 24 hours – sometimes its immediate. Please always speak to your therapist if something she is doing hurts too much – we use many techniques that avoid unnecessary pain. Some people like softer rather than hard, and thats fine by us. It takes less energy but has less therapeutical value.Its your time to spend as you wish.

Sorry we always refer this back to your doctor for obvious reasons. We do not wish to mis-represent what we do and what we are qualified to do. The onus is always on you to seek clarification first. Having said all that you can read in the review section many conditions that we have successfully treated having had the client first have clearance from their Doctor.